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Sep 1, 2014

jessicamotherland said: Hi Dear! I really like Your blog! And I am following You for sure :) I am studying psychology. Also I like fashion A LOT, so I would like to invite You to my fashion website :) There is a red link fashiongoeswild in my blog, under the title.. If You will visit it would amazing if You would check the ads there on the right for like 15 secs.. This would massively help me to pay for my studies. Thank You for help very much! Hope You'll enjoy my site!! :)) Much Love, Evelyn!!! xoxo

thank you very much cutie<333

you have a very good taste in fashion and photography and i wish you the very best for your future and for your study!!! keep moving, i’m sure you will be a great therapist;)) 

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Ego is a ghost who is terrified of dying.
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